Production designer is a complex profession. You have to be very versatile, a jack of all trades.

Head of department, and sometimes artistic director, you have to be a designer, constructor, painter, carpenter, mason, sculptor, accountant, manager, and a little bit of a producer in a certain way. Art department is a production within a production. It’s a bit of an enterprise in its own right in the big business of making a film. We must manage the artistic direction, of course, to meet the expectations of the director and the production as closely as possible. But also respect a budget, establish fair quotes and organize implementation precisely. We must understand, master and use all decoration techniques. Painting, patinas, construction, carpentry, welding, assembly, upholstery, lighting, accessorizing, computer graphics, SFX (etc.) are all necessary skills in a decoration team.

Over the years, I have been able to acquire and perfect these skills. Firstly from my past in construction, which taught me a lot, but then in the field on filming, since my retraining more than 12 years ago.

So I developed my artistic skills: I am able to think and create a real strong A.D. By working mainly in drawing (traditional and digital), as well as a lot in 3D, sometimes more suited to certain projects than drawn concept arts.

Then, a good sense of organization and strong accounting skills, essential for managing the decoration department.

Mockup for “Meet me in Paris” (2022)
Set Living Room, in “Meet me in Paris” (2022)

Strong construction skills allow me to design precise plans (2d and 3d) for my construction teams. I was a builder in the past and I know this profession and the techniques.

Of course, it is impossible to know everything. This is why it is important to surround yourself well. My team is made up of competent people in all the positions necessary for a complete decoration team: from the ripper to the head constructor, including painters, fitters, props specialists, specialists in digital tools, electronics, and even SFX.

Exteriors of sets in studio, Milo (2021)
Inside sets in studio, Milo (2021)


From the reading of the script and the study of the feasibility of the project, I will find the best way to set design in your production process.


We will work together to create an artistic direction to best fit to your project. Using drawings, plans, 3d modeling, moodboards, artistic files, we will be able to create a strong DA together for your movie.


Thanks to my many years of experience in design and construction, I am able to design ambitious sets.


With the help of my team of props-mans, and location managers, we will find together the most relevant accessories and furnitures for the project.


I work with experienced props man, able to manage all situations in a precise, reactive and efficient manner.


I try as much as possible to bring an ecological approach to all my projects. Whether it is for the choice of paint (biobased), the reuse of decorative sheets, or the recycling of materials at the end of the project, for example.

Sets for music video clip “Canine – Twin Shadow”

1st Assistant

Also 1st assistant, many production designers have trusted me and recommended me to other colleagues.

It’s a job that I particularly enjoy doing. Indeed, it’s a position that allows me to meet new people, new teams and other ways of working in particular.

In addition to my skills already mentioned above (3D, drawings, plans etc.) I have solid skills in accounting and team organization. Having good experience with Excel and Indesign for presentation.

I enjoy coordinating teams and finding solutions to the many problems we face during filming.